How to Ceiba Life

Ceiba Soul

Ceiba is my very best non-human friend. He is seven years old, and I adopted him when he was four. I only have one puppy picture of him.

I met Ceiba when I was in a really tough, scary place mentally and emotionally. I felt so overwhelmed and hopeless and alone. This dog saved my life. He showed me that there was a tomorrow that I couldn’t believe in at the time. Maybe he needed me, but I needed him so much more.

I named Ceiba after a big, beautiful tree, because he is strong and solid and radiant and whenever I look up, he’s what I want to see. (It’s true that we can both be really good at crying, but I learned from him that sometimes you cry the most right before you’re about to be the bravest you’ve ever been.)

I love Ceiba so much that I can feel it physically, an ache made of love and light. He shines so bright to me. I think that the way he moves through life is what a soul looks like. Not to go all Taylor Swift on you, but he is the best thing that’s ever been mine.