Happy Independence Day, Costa Rica!

I love you with my whole soul and we are going to miss you so much. Thank you for your green green green and your rain rain rain and at least half the world’s animals (including a boa constrictor on our front door). You brought me countless incredible, unbelievable adventures. (As my grandpa would say, “You can’t make this stuff up.”) You taught me how to be brave, how to run wild, how to love like a sunset on fire. You gave me Ceiba.

Now I have millions of memories and the kind of stories that I’ll tell my children one day. You grew me well and raised me right. I hope that I can make you proud and one day give back to you even a fraction of what you’ve given me. No matter where in the world I am, I love you, and you will always have a massive chunk of my homegrown heart. Te amo.

“May we all get to grow up in
our red, white, and blue little town…

May we all do a little bit better than the first time,
learn a little something from the worst times,
get a little stronger from the hurt times.

May we all get to have a chance to ride the fast one,
walk away wiser when we crashed one,
keep hoping that the best one is the last one.

Yeah, you learn to fly
and if you can’t,
then you just free fall.

May we all.”

Florida Georgia Line

forest 1forest 2

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