About That Photobucket Fiasco…

You may have heard about the huge Photobucket drama that happened recently. I had started writing out a whole rant that I was going to post here, but I’m still too frustrated and flummoxed at the moment, to be honest. (Especially because I’ve been using Photobucket for at least twelve years, since I myself was just a twelve-year-old kid.)

For right now, let’s just say that my blog has been overtaken and destroyed by those miserable black and grey “3rd Party Hosting” images. Today I started to slowly rebuild from the ruins. It’s going to take awhile because my Photobucket account randomly won’t let me access certain pictures that are saved in my library.

I’d like to believe that this is just a glitch (that many folks have had to deal with), rather than Photobucket purposefully being evil and waiting for us to fork over the $399 in desperation… but like to believe is the key phrase here and, as Fall Out Boy would say, “The best part of ‘believe’ is the ‘lie.'” But sorry, Photobucket — as Fall Out Boy would also say, “The best of us can find happiness in misery,” and you’re not getting a rusty penny from me, ever.

Also, I just read an article that mentioned an interview with Photobucket’s chief executive, John Corpus. There’s a part that says:

“Was the customer backlash expected?

Corpus paused. For 12 seconds.

‘No,’ he finally said.”

If you have to pause for twelve seconds before answering a simple question… then perhaps there’s something amiss?

Also, here’s Ceiba being beautiful (and saving the day, as always).

Mi amor

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One Response to About That Photobucket Fiasco…

  1. It seems that holding digital data as ransom is becoming common these days (ransomware in phones and desktop, now Photobucket). I know several friends who can’t access some of the photos in Photobucket for whatever reason unless they pay the ransom. The sad thing is they never made physical backups of their files.

    I have never trusted any of those “cloud” storage sites and I always make at least six physical backups. I don’t even trust WordPress so I have multiple backups of my blog posts.

    The biggest impact of this BS would be the large number of broken links. Imaging searching for images and only receive blanks. Also, pb is quite popular on forums so many of those helpful posts with images are now all virtually useless. This is like angelfire and geocities all over again…


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