Dog Books. Dog Books Everywhere.

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I recently ordered a bunch of dog training/behavior books from Amazon. I just finished reading (and underlining! I do lots of underlining) the first one — Fight! by Jean Donaldson. I’m thinking of maybe writing reviews on the dog books I read… we’ll see.

My favorite book about dog training and behavior that I’ve ever read is easily The Other End of the Leash. I’m a big Patricia McConnell fan.

The Other End of the Leash is not your typical training manual, but it’s definitely taught me more about dog behavior and how to effectively interact with dogs than any other book I’ve read. I’ve yet to find another trainer that writes in such an entertaining, easy to understand, and relatable way as Dr. McConnell does.

I’ll have to take a picture of my whole dog training/behavior bookshelf sometime soon. 🙂

What’s your favorite dog book and why? If you could only recommend one dog book for someone new to the world of dog behavior and positive reinforcement training, which one would it be & how did you decide?

Also, I just found this picture of Ceiba from a while ago and I love it. My marshmallow.


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One Response to Dog Books. Dog Books Everywhere.

  1. Guess who met her favorite author? Gia! Gia came to Novato, California to see Patricia McConnell speak about her memoir, ‘The Education If Will’.
    Gia, it was great meeting you and hearing about your work in Costa Rica!

    I am following your blog!


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