A New Beginning

Hi again, everyone! Happy New Year.  ❤

It’s been an awful long time since I’ve posted on here, and I would really like for that to change. This particular post is going to be short and sweet, but I promise that there will be more to come soon, and for now I’ll leave you with a quick story (or should I say, a tiny tail tale)…  😉

The other day, I was thinking about Buzz’s and Jasmine’s names. (They were already named before we met them.) The family that they used to live with had children, so I had always assumed that Buzz might have to do with Buzz Lightyear. But it suddenly occurred to me that Jasmine could also be from a kids’ movie — Princess Jasmine!

Folks, it took me eight years to have this light bulb moment. Eight years. And this [possible] revelation thrilled me for the rest of the day, let me tell you.  😀

Jasmine & Buzz[Princess?] Jasmine & Buzz [Lightyear?]

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