Happy Days.

“These days are ours, happy and free.
These days are ours, share them with me…”

Ross and Gia

This is Ross. He’s been one of my best friends since we were 15 years old.
He recently spent Sunday-Monday with me, and we had a great time just hanging out.

Ross and Gia

I was especially happy because on Saturday I had an extremely scary water rafting accident. After that incident, I feel so grateful and appreciative of everything–the taste of hot tea, the feeling of my feet in flip flops, how damn delicious food is, warm beds and hot showers, the softness of Ceiba. Textures are exquisite, breathing seriously is a gift, everything feels lighter, and I’m finding it so much easier to live in the present. So having one of my best friends over was the icing on the cake of life.

Being best friends with me tends to involve a lot of animal-related activities, and there was definitely time spent with dogs, cats, and a hamster.

On Sunday night, Ross took some pictures of Rain. Isn’t she huge now?

Rain Freeman

When I got Rain, she was super tiny. I actually found out afterward that she was too young to be away from her mother and siblings (and I may have been given incorrect/false information about her supposed age). Thanks to some guidance from the kind folks at Hamster Hideout, I was able to supplement her diet with a kitten formula/oatmeal mix, and as you can see, she’s a big girl now! No more tiny fluffball.

Baby Rain Freeman
Fluffball flashback.

On Monday morning, Ross helped me to take Ceiba and Jasmine on a walk.

The WalkCeiba and Jasmine 2Ceiba and Jasmine

Ross is a total wild child, so I held Ceiba and Jazz while he proceeded to scale a massive tree. (I’ve seen the boy climb a palm tree before!)

Ross in the treeRoss in the tree

When we came home, Ceiba went straight for the lake. He loves to lie down inside of lakes/ponds/rivers while he drinks.

Ceiba in the lakeLake 1

After that, Ross and I spent some time just lying around — literally. Ross sprawled out on the balcony floor, I joined him, and then Song joined the both of us. (Vivaldi was soaking up the sun nearby.) I used Ross as a pillow (thank you, honey) and Song climbed on top of my stomach. We became temporary extensions of each other, all skinfurhumanscat mixed up under the wide blue sky. A little while later, Ross and I ate fruit flavored frozen ice and laughed at the way it dripped everywhere.

In this photo, she reminds me of waves and the ocean.Artsy
Kind of random. Definitely artsy.Leaves above
The branches overhead.

Ross – Thank you for being a great friend & an awesome animal uncle. Thank you for always being there for me (and taking cool, creative photos to document our adventures). I love you so much, and it was a lot of fun to have someone that I could be my ridiculous self around. Also, thank you for the epic light saber battle on Sunday night… when everyone else was sleeping.

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