Tiny Update

I am currently dealing with a lot of grief and anger regarding some animal situations in my life. I am not sure how soon I will have new posts up on this blog. Thank you for understanding.

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  1. I could barely bring myself to click “like” on this post – since I not only understand, but can strongly relate. I hope you are starting to feel stronger and more able to deal – new furry babies can be very healing (even though they can NEVER replace the ones who came before.)
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    • Gia says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am doing much better now. I completely agree with you that new critters can help to heal our hearts, but they don’t replace the animals that came before them– each one is beautiful & endearing in their own way.

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      • And we never get over their passing – at least I never have. I simply do my best to accept it as the cost of loving the critters whom we will probably outlive, and look forward to meeting them all on Rainbow Bridge one day. (I know, I can be corny where my Furry Kids are concerned, especially at Christmas).

        I honor each of my little angels every Christmas with special ornaments on my memorial-themed Christmas tree (or wreaths & garlands, depending on where I’m living) – where I also honor friends and family who are no longer with me.

        I have little Shih Tzu replicas (I’m allergic to almost everything else, so I have been a Shih Tzu mom for over 35 years now) — along with framed photos and momentos commemorating times I shared with each of the honorees.

        This year I plan to add few “gilded” Milk Bones, in honor of the very first Christmas of my newest “tummy with fur” (who was too young to come home until the end of December last year – and who only gets healthy treats, btw – but these will make great ornaments, according to Pinterest – lol)

        I was in horrible shape after my last puppy Tabitha passed after 19 years with me. After a lengthy time of mourning, little tiny TinkerToy finally made life worth living again – literally.

        So I truly get it – and I sincerely hope you feel like yourself again soon. Your blog will wait for you. Mine has.


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      • Gia says:

        Thank you so much. You are very sweet. Losing Tabitha after 19 years must have felt like such a shattering loss… I’m sure that they were an amazing 19 years, and I know that you must have provided for her beautifully and kept her in excellent health. I am so glad that you have Tink now, and I hope that he has a very merry first Christmas with you.

        I’m sure that your Christmas tree is beautiful! That’s a lovely idea, and I’d really like to see a photo.

        Also – you inspired me to google “gilded Milk Bones,” which may have been one of the most random and funniest things I’ve ever searched for.

        Are they these ones? So pretty!

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      • RE: gilded Milk Bones — Yep – those are the ones. They make me laugh!

        Re: Photos — I wish somebody would teach me how to take a decent picture so I could post pics of my extensive hall decking on my blog and one of my bazillion Xmas Pinterest boards (along with photos of Tink on the Shih Tzu boards). I was a pretty good photographer when cameras were simpler (and larger!) – and not combined with phone service I can barely figure out how to access anymore. BUT the new technology seems to confound my aging eyesight, along with a technical awareness stuck in the 20th century – lol.

        RE: trees (plural) I am a certified Christmas ELF and have had LOTS of trees, wreaths and garlands in my life, most I revive periodically (space permitting, since I’ve moved a lot). My multi-colored Toy Tree, is the most varied, with some of the many ornaments I have collected since I left my parents home – elves, Santas, tiny toys & tiny reindeer, many gifted or crafted when I was in college or grad school and had practically ZERO money, etc. (Since I am *such* a Christmas collector, my long-time rule is serious sale or dirt-cheap ONLY, which I stuck to for probably 95 – 98% of my stuff – part of the fun).

        I have a collection of ornaments honoring the many shows I performed in or directed, many gifts, most crafted, commemorating over 20 years in the theatre.

        My living room tree is already up for this year & has been Victoriana-ish for about a decade now — CROWDED with Victorian-looking ornaments, decorated pine cones hanging from silk and organza ribbons, old chandelier crystals, birds, candles, musical instruments, silk or dried flowers, fruit, wrapped packages, etc., dripping with clear icicles and often topped with an antique silk pop-up top-hat, (when it doesn’t go on the Memorial Tree to honor an extremely close friend who owned it prior to his untimely death).

        The office usually features geese somewhere (google The Goose Story – the inspiration for my business). My tabletop bedroom tree is often a pink and pearl affair with white lights and and covered in clear “bubbles” everywhere (kind of Romantic Homes, and serves as a nightlight for longer than most folks keep a tree up!); the taller BR tree varies. The kitchen is always Visions of Sugar Plums (and my only decor that features colored lights and skewed toward Christmas red in the ornament selection – I’m more a white lights & burgundy girl elsewhere).

        Without a miracle, my angel tree must now remain only a memory – 35 years of carefully collected, meaningful 7″ and larger paper and fabric mache neapolitan angels of various types were stolen from storage in 2014 – so I will move any remaining smaller angels to the memorial tree, most likely, if I’m sure I will be able to view the glass as partially-full vs. mostly empty. I’m not sure whether the memorial tree will go in my office or bedroom this year, and whether it will be a tree or whether I will hang the ornaments on wreaths and garlands this year. YEP – beyond certifiable!!

        Yes – losing Tabi was *extremely* difficult, all the more so since the rest of my life was rather grim at the time — and my cramped apt. with the humbug landlady who was a make-wrong waiting to happen made me VERY unhappy already!). I hate moving, but this will be a MUCH better Christmas for me & Tink since I did.

        Well, that’s waaaay too much about me — sorry to go on and on!

        I hope YOUR end of year holidays are exactly what you would like them to be – and that they heal your heart. My love to the critters and to you. (for a giggle & some visuals of some of the ornaments similar to the ones on my tree, click http:/www.pinterest.com/addcoach/critters-christmas/ I don’t believe you have to join to view – so read their inducements carefully if you are not already a member)


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