Bittersweet News: The Arrival of Julia Hope

My Leelah girl had to be euthanized on August 26th, and I had just returned from California with lots of food and other supplies for her. I don’t feel like going into the details of her death right now, so that might be another post.

I honestly think that a house isn’t a home without a hamster. So as of yesterday, my house is a home once again. (:

Without further ado… Here’s my new baby. Introducing… Julia Hope!

Julia Hope

Julia Hope 2

Julia Hope 3Look at the heart on her back. (:

Julia is about a month old. I was told that her approximate date of birth was August 8th. She is tiny and super fast! She was the first hamster that the fellow handed to me, and she just happened to also be the smallest and cutest one. Sometimes she bit me, but I didn’t even care because the moment I had looked down and seen the cage full of pups, I forgot about everything else in the world except for the fact that there were a bunch of baby hamsters squirming around and one of them could be mine.

And the very first one I held turned out to be her, with her little white markings that look like angel wings and the teeniest red “freckle” on her ear. (My friend Mari, auntie of the animals, was the first one to notice the minuscule birthmark. A big thank you to Mari for accompanying me to pick up Julia and helping me out with so much yesterday – and always.)

Julia Hope 4
Her angel wings.

Julia Hope 5Julia Hope 6
Julia is quite the little acrobat. (In the first picture, you can see her freckle!)

Julia Hope 8She does an excellent imitation of a cotton ball.

I don’t usually give animals “human names,” and I tend to pick really quirky, unusual names. (I mean, I named my dog after a tree.) So if you were thinking, Isn’t it kind of random that Gia would name a hamster Julia? you are correct. I just make special exceptions sometimes if I’m naming the animal after a very important person. (;

In this case, that “very important person” is, unfortunately, not real. I named Julia after a TV character that I was totally smitten with. I actually never watch television, but a few months ago, when Ceiba and I found each other and I was going through a really horrible time, I randomly saw bits of an episode on don Ubaldo’s TV. When he briskly walked over to change the channel, I begged him to please keep it on, and then all of a sudden I was watching the show every evening at 8 o’clock.

I remembered that I actually had a television closed up inside of a cabinet in my house, and I started turning it on for an hour every week night. The show was a great distraction from my own troubles with life and love, made me feel less alone, and kept me laughing (and even made me cry). Unlike most of the novelas that I’d seen parts of, which tended to be very dramatic and intense, Los hombres también lloran (“Men Cry Too”) had a lot of lighter moments.

My favorite part of the show was Julia. She was a super cool single mom and a veterinarian. Besides being smart and loving, I also thought that she was beautiful and altogether glorious. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so disappointed that a fictional character wasn’t actually a real person.

JuliaDear Julia, Why aren’t you a real person? Love, Gia

Because Julia wasn’t a real person, I had all this lovegushexcitedness and nowhere to put it, so I told Mari awhile ago, “When I get my next hamster, I’m going to name her Julia!”

The TV show was a Colombian novela in Spanish, so “Julia” was pronounced with a “H” sound instead of a “J” sound. So it’s Who-lia, not Jewel-ia. But you can say it however you please. :3

Here are some pictures from when I brought Julia home:

Ceiba Meeting Julia“Gia… are you sure that isn’t a dog treat with legs?”

baby hippoI still can’t believe how tiny she is.

on top of the world
“I’m on top of the world, HEY!”
(The cutest little blur.)

Welcome home, Julia Hope.  ❤

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