Throwback Thursday: Baby Ceiba!

So even though I’m the oldest old soul 21 year old on Earth, and everybody and their grandmother (including my grandmother) is way hipper than I am, I do know what “Throwback Thursday” means. (; It means that I get to post up the one and only puppy picture that I have of my little Ceiba Soul! (Okay, maybe he’s not so little now.)

Baby Ceiba

I recently found out that not only is “Ceiba” a kind of [large, magical] tree, but it’s also a city in Honduras. So besides being my [large, magical] darling dog, Ceiba is also: my tree, my town, my heart, my home.

I adore you, honey bunches of oats. You’re my sweetness and my strength.
“Love is a four-legged word.” Love is you.

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One Response to Throwback Thursday: Baby Ceiba!

  1. What a precious picture!

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