3 Tips to Make Cage Cleaning More Fun

Last Wednesday, I found myself in the typical [yet lonely] position of having to clean out Leelah’s enclosure all be myself. Even though I was in a good mood, I figured that it would take a while and wouldn’t be one of the most fun things that I’ve ever done. Until I decided to snap out of it, change my mindset, and have a rollicking good time. I now present to you…

3 Tips to Make Cage Cleaning More Fun
*this post features a hamster, but it can be applied to other critters, too!*

1) Pick out a large trash bag. This will be the bag that you’ll use to put all the old bedding and other rubbish in. BUT before, you are going to use it for something far more exciting. What’s that, you say? A CAPE.



Run around the house a little bit with your cape on. You can use this time to get motivated, rev up your energy, and get everything in order that you’ll need for cleaning. Remember that you are a superhero. Superheroes can do all kinds of seemingly impossible things. Which means that you are going to do this AND have fun. Yes. You are.

2) Throw some snacks together–for you and your hamster. I had carrot slices with vegan cream cheese, and Leelah had bits of carrot, banana, and parsley (or was it cilantro?).


As you clean, you’ll use the food to positively reinforce yourself for doing such a thorough, excellent job, and your hamster can enjoy her snack while she hangs out in her temporary container or play area.

3) Put music on. This will be most satisfying if you choose obnoxiously catchy songs that everyone else would deem “not cool.” As Taylor Swift would say: “Haters gonna hate [hate, hate].” And as my 10-year-old brother, Chocolate, would say: “YOLO.” Crank up the tunes, sing, and dance. (Make sure that the music isn’t too loud or too close to your hamster.) I may have even jumped up and down on my bed enthusiastically.

queen“You’re the king, baby, I’m your QUEEN.”

After all of your cape-wearing, snack-eating, happy-dancing shenanigans (along with some actual organizing), you will have a glorious, squeaky clean enclosure ready for your beloved rodent. Be proud. You were wonderful (and quite stylish with that cape, might I add).

Enclosure 1

Enclosure 2

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