For years now, I’ve wanted my very own dog, and suddenly this is a Thing That Actually Happened. I have my very own dog. And I named him Ceiba (Say-ba).

“The ancient Maya of Central America believed that a great Ceiba tree stood at the center of the earth, connecting the terrestrial world to the spirit-world above.  The long thick vines hanging down from its spreading limbs provided a connection to the heavens for the souls that ascended them.  Even today, these grand trees are regularly spared when forests are cut — it is a common event to see lone, isolated Ceiba trees proudly spreading their shady branches high above a pasture or agricultural field, a relict of the great forests that once were there.” –

I’ll share the whole story as soon as I can. But let me say that he was definitely worth waiting for. (And I still kind of can’t even believe all of this.)  ❤

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2 Responses to Introducing…

  1. Congratulations! I love his name and can’t wait to hear more of his story. There is something so special about your first dog. I grew up with them always, but I adopted my first dog of my own my last year of college (having no idea what I was going to do with my life, but knowing that I needed a dog at my side).

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    • Gia says:

      Thank you so much! I’m very particular about names, so your kind words mean a lot to me. I’d actually been saving the name “Ceiba” for quite a few months now! And I know exactly what you mean about having no idea what you’re going to do with your life, but knowing that you need a dog by your side. 😉


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