January’s Beach Trip – With Watson

In January, I went on a week-long beach trip with my family and friends (some furrier than others). Watson got to be the lucky Schnauzer to go along, and now I am finally posting up the marvelous photos from our adventures.

One of the highlights is a baby sea turtle that my family & friends witnessed crawling all the way into the ocean. They had never seen that happen before and everyone was very excited and moved by the experience. Unfortunately, I missed that amazing sight, and I’m still very disappointed and sad about it. That being said, I did get to try to help save a Pufferfish, snorkel with different kinds of fish and find a sea star, watch a ray swimming across the sand, play with a beautiful blue and purple crab, race with Watson all along the beach, and hold various tide-pool creatures, amongst other events. And yes, there are pictures of all of the above!

The following photographs were taken by “M.P.M Productions” and my mother, respectively. Thank you both very much for capturing these sweet memories. 🙂

I think that this picture is hilarious. Clifford the Big Red Dog,
move out of the way for Watson the Giant Miniature Schnauzer.

Here are some hermit crabs having a coconut party. In a coconut.

Sun spots

Pura vida.

This tiny miracle.

So brave.

I love this one.

Does your dog have a pink mustache? 😉

We believe that one of these critters stung my mother’s foot. Although she was a in a great deal of pain,  she still remembered that she had once read about making a hibiscus tea in order to soothe stings from rays. So we made that tea and soaked her foot in it.

And a few photos that I snapped with my cell phone:

Watson and his Auntie Mari

Behold our epic selfie excellence.

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2 Responses to January’s Beach Trip – With Watson

  1. Oh, those tiny hermit crabs! I love the variety of life found at the seashore. What a wonderful place you live in. My parents traveled to Costa Rica when I was in college and considered moving there for a while. My mom was taking an intensive Spanish course for her ESL program and they had an incredible time.

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    • Gia says:

      The hermit crabs really are lovely. 🙂 And yes, I do agree that Costa Rica is a wonderful place – it’s actually my favorite place in the world. I’ve moved around quite a lot throughout my life, and I just moved back here after spending 3 years in California. I missed Costa Rica so much! I’m glad to hear that your parents loved it here. Maybe you’ll visit one day!


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