Bless. Bliss.

I’ve been ill for the past couple of days, so the dogs and I have not been on any walks off the property since Sunday morning. Yesterday I didn’t do much besides sleep, but I am trying to at least work a bit on the blog, put up some lighter posts, and share some recent pictures.

So if you have to be sick, you might as well be sick in the most beautiful country in the world, with a great friend who will bring you fresh pipas (coconuts) to drink. (Shout-out to don Ubaldo, a.k.a Amiguis Forever.) Because if you’re sick under such circumstances, you’re really pretty dang blessed.


(The picture in the background is of the Schnauzer Squad. It was painted by a friend of mine, back in 2009. There are five dogs because, at the time, my family also had Violetta, the mother of Jasmine and Buzz.)

Lately, I have been thinking about the word “blessed.” How it flows like a river and goes ways you never expected it to. And how the word “bliss” is like the sigh after it all. (Yes, I’m sappy. I know. I get it from my mother.)

Right now, I am sitting at the long wooden table on our porch, and I have the Schnauzer Squad accompanying me. Some kinds of insects–cicadas, I presume–are holding a concert that is spread all throughout the trees, and the forest hums and chatters. The birds laugh as they flutter from branch to branch, and the butterflies swoop and soar. The wind waves at me through the bodies of so many different plants. I see red passion flowers winding up a tree trunk. Everything is alive. Earth is one big, beautiful organ–a messy, gorgeous heart that pulses life throughout every inch of this wild, wild world.

The Schnauzers and I are blessed to have each other. To have gone through so much and to be where we are now. To keep each other going through it all.

We are blessed to live on such beautiful land. Costa Rica is a living lullaby, and it it makes my soul sing every day.

We are blessed to have our very own tropical forest on the property. We are blessed to run wild, to taste freedom on our tongues and to know nature in our blood.

Just because you’re not where you want to be doesn’t mean that you’re not exactly where you need to be in order to go beyond your wildest dreams.

And one of my favorite quotes: “Even dead clocks tell the right time twice a day.”

Life is a process. Enjoy the experience. (Yes, I get that sap from my mother, too. I hope she’s proud of me.)

WatsonGrandfather and BuzzTiny T-RexTiny T-Rex.

Giant leafThat leaf is big enough for Jasmine to live under.

EveryoneEveryone 2Buzz in the forestGrandfather in the jungleWatson in the waterBuzz and JasmineBuzz and Jasmine 2Question mark tailThe cutest question mark tail in all the world.

And here is a recent video, entitled “Wet Watson Happily Kicking His Legs in the Air.”
I apologize for the cruddy quality, but I took it with my cellphone.


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2 Responses to Bless. Bliss.

  1. Anthony says:

    The world is so beautiful. Big and bright, you could live a thousand years and still never see every bit of what it has to offer. But the fact that it offers you so much so close is what makes only living so much less then 1,000 still rich with marvel. ❤

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