A few photos.

From January 24th.

GrandyGrandy 2CerberusJust hanging out with ol’ Ceberus here, multi-headed dog of the Underworld.
‘Cause I’m hardcore like that.

*A note about the very first picture. I do not recommend ever forcefully putting your face up close to a dog’s face. (Especially if you do not know the dog.) This can be very threatening to them. Grandfather and I know each other very well, but I still let him be the one to put his head close to mine. I also did a lot of eye blinks and did not maintain direct eye contact, since direct eye contact can be intimidating.

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2 Responses to A few photos.

  1. Anthony says:

    Pbb, I thought that actually was slang for “Babe” with the second “b” removed XD. And yeah, nearly got attacked by this guys big dog i got too close to at a park :P.


    • Gia says:

      Me too. 😉 I can’t keep up with the cool kids! I’m about as hip as a hippo.

      And thank you for sharing that story. As long as you learn from your mistakes, that’s what counts! On a related note… I actually intend to get posts up ASAP regarding How to Properly Greet Dogs and Dog Body Language. Our society desperately needs to learn some simple dog etiquette.


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